​    My thinking tends to wonder off the trail of standard thought from time to time and I have fun doing this. I write on many different subjects which lets me say what I think about life in general. Like everyone else, I have gained experiences in life that set my direction, and I am unafraid (mostly) to put these into words. 
    Although I have opinions on most everything that can be argued, discussed or cussed, cattle industry misdirection is my main target. I can be, and will be, controversial about certain segments of the cattle industry. For the last 30 to 40 years our industry has wallowed in a deepening rut of misguided leadership into a world of unverified performance profitability. 
    It became a given that bigger and faster would increase profit. No one, or at least very few in the early years, ever put a pencil to the costs of doing so. This led our industry into an ever increasing reliance on unneeded expensive inputs which sapped profits and diminished the cow to a beast that could not function without mans help. 
    To become truly sustainable, cattle operations have to remain as close as possible to the natural model. The big agribusiness model is designed to trade multiple purchased inputs for processes the cow can do herself at minimal cost. These costs not only have to be recaptured before any possibility of profit, but also diminish the genetic base of the cow herd, which necessitates even more inputs. Inputs beget inputs. 
    Once drawn into the high input system it is difficult to get out of this loop of continual dependency. It is possible though with the realization that working with nature is much easier than working against nature. 
    I have written three books, for sale on this site or at my speaking engagements, which explain in detail where we have gone wrong and what must be done to build profitable operations without supporting the input industry. Although cattle prices are good, don’t let that lull you into putting off change. You need to be preparing now for the unknown future. As I sit here today, August 22, 2011 it doesn’t look good. Politicians are on the march in droves and that is always scary!
    This website will be in a continual building stage so check in from time to time. I may add to the main sections occasionally and my blog A Slantwise View, will be updated on each Monday. I will soon include an art sales section devoted to my late wife Judy’s paintings.
    Designing and building this website has been a struggle for an unlearned computer butcher that has problems with anything more complicated than sending and receiving email. As I learn more about this website business I will press my luck and try a few more tricks. In fact everything I do on here is tricky. Oh, well.